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Unique Fishing Experiences with Master Class Angling


Immerse yourself in the fishing and environment of Lake Champlain, Northern Vermont and Northern New York with Master Class Angling. My passion drives me to provide unparalleled experiences, tailored to every angler's skill level and preferences.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, our expert guide service is dedicated to ensuring you have a memorable and successful fishing trip where you have honed your skills and gained a better appreciation for the sport and environment. 



Master Class Angling focuses on high-quality fishing experiences and memories that last a lifetime. Our experience will teach you how to sight fish, while also providing quality equipment and handcrafted flies. Our fishing experiences are tailored to fit your needs, whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner. We want to show you the beauty of our local waters, and help you catch some of the most sought-after angling opportunities.


Spring fishing in Vermont and Northern NY is provides a plethora of opportunities from steelhead, lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike, bowfin, gar as well as traditional trout fishing. Spring time is a great time for multiple species trips! Both walk and wade as well as trips in a Towee Rivermaster Colusa or an NRS Slipstream.


Lake Champlain truly shines in the summer and sight fishing is at it's best. Species like bowfin, gar and carp challenge anglers ability to stalk and cast to some amazing sportfish. There are also great walk and wade opportunities for smallmouth bass as well as some great options for pike or musky in a float in a raft. 

Sunset Push Pole


Trophy fishing is at a peak in the fall! Big fish are on the move in preparation to spawn or putting on the feedbags for the colder months.  This is a great chance to target migratory landlocked salmon, get into the largest pike or musky of the year, land a kype jawed brown or get into a lake trout on the fly. There are walk and wade, raft and boat options available. 


Winter months can be challenging for anglers but there are options when the weather allows. Trout and steelhead are in rivers and streams and provide great opportunities for fly anglers. Dependent on weather, lake trout fishing can be outstanding!


Are there species you would like to target or techniques you want to learn? Or is there a place in Vermont or Northern New York you have always wanted to fish? Reach out and let us know so we can make it a reality!



Expertise Rooted in Tradition and Innovation

At Master Class Angling, we blend traditional fly fishing techniques with innovative approaches with species that haven't often been associated with fly fishing like bowfin, gar, carp, pike, freshwater drum and suckers as well as more typical species like trout and bass. It is great to approach a day on Lake Champlain with an open mind and a variety of outfits to be able to take the ample options that it provides. It is multi-species angling at it's finest. At the same time, there is nothing quite like focusing on a specific target to hone your skills or gain a greater appreciation for a new species of fish! 


What other Professionals Say

"Fishing with Drew is about education as much as catching fish. I've never met an angler more passionate about native species, many of which are often overlooked by the average fisherman. Drew's passion for species like gar, bowfin, and freshwater drum is infectious. You'll walk away with a fresh and inspiring outlook on these "underdogs."

Joe Cermele


Trusted Partnerships

We collaborate with industry leaders and local experts to ensure that our anglers receive the best support, resources, and access to prime fishing locations.

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