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Drew Price

Certified Coast Guard Captain

New York State Licensed Guide




Home Lake and Waters:

Lake Champlain has been my stomping grounds for almost 30 years. I fish and guide almost every part of the lake and am always discovering new opportunities for fishing. At the same time I guide and fish throughout Northern Vermont and New York on lakes, ponds, rivers and streams for pretty much everything that swims. 

A Bit About Me

From the moment I picked up a fly rod in the early 1990s I wanted to catch everything I could on the fly! I started out chasing trout and bass but quickly started to explore the other options that I had available. It wasn't long before I started catching pike, bowfin, musky, carp and panfish routinely. I brought my perspective to guiding in 2008 and founded Master Class Angling in 2010 with a focus on showcasing the myriad of species available to fly rodders in Lake Champlain.  ​


I am very enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge of the fisheries in my backyard with others. Sight fishing the shallows of Champlain is an experience every angler should have and I strive to provide the best opportunities for that. ​


Conservation and education about native fishes drives my focus. As anglers we need to understand not only these fishes and their needs but how we view them as sportspeople and as a society.  

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