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What should I bring?

With a wide variety of fishing options, every trip is a bit unique and I will reach out to you with specific details pertaining to your excursion. However, there are some things that are applicable to any time on the water. 

Water and Snacks

I do provide water and snacks for trips but I don’t provide meals. Plan on bringing something light to have to eat while on the water. I do have Yeti coolers to keep food safe. I highly recommend a metal or plastic water bottle to minimize plastic waste. Please advise me of any food allergies ahead of time

Sight Fishing

A hat and polarized sunglasses are critical. Sight fishing is one of my specialties and having your eyes shaded makes a huge difference as well as providing protection from the sun. While there are many different shades of sunglasses, I would recommend a color that will enhance contrast to help spot fish better. Yellow, amber, brown and copper are all good fits. Grey lenses do not work well in most of the environments you will be in and you will have trouble seeing fish. I do have a couple of pairs of loaner glasses but I suggest having your own that you are familiar with. I do not have any fitover pairs for prescription glasses.


Clothing should be chosen that is appropriate for the weather conditions. Things can change rapidly and it is worth always having a rain jacket of some sort available. In the colder months multiple layers are necessary and it is better to have extra layers than not enough. In the summer months it is best to have breathable clothing that provides sun protection. A good sunscreen is also recommended. 

Fishing License

An appropriate fishing license for the state we are fishing in is necessary. Links can be provided for either Vermont or New York’s online licensing. Neither state requires having a printed license but having it available on your phone is fine. I recommend emailing or texting me a copy to be safe. Vermont and New York do have a reciprocal license for fishing Lake Champlain. However, depending on the segment of the lake, the license may not be appropriate. I will let you know that plan to get the appropriate license.

Fishing Equipment

I can provide any fishing equipment that is needed. I have a wide variety of high quality gear for clients to use. You are more than welcome to bring your own (I encourage that!). I do provide leaders, tippet and flies for use on the water as well as any other sundries like weight, floatant, etc. I am happy to talk tackle ahead of time so you can get appropriately equipped.

Meet Up Location

I am often asked well ahead of time where we will meet to fish. I cannot provide that information until close to the date because of weather and water conditions. Expect to know an exact location a couple days ahead of when the trip is planned. I can easily provide a general location where we will be but the specific launch or meeting point is impossible to determine until other factors are taken into account.


I do provide pfd’s on the water. If you would like to bring your own you are welcome to. I use inflatable vests and belts for ease of movement and comfort. Your safety is of paramount importance. When on the water with me please follow my lead. I also carry a first aid kit with me for any minor issues. 


For safety purposes I do expect my clients to be sober for the trip. I do not allow alcohol or cannabis on my boat or on a walk and wade trip.  I would like everyone to have their wits about them. 


For your safety please inform me of any relevant medical conditions before we go out. Please bring any appropriate medications or needs with you. I can provide space to keep them safe.


A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to book your trip. Payment in full is expected at the end of the trip. Cash, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle are accepted. Please no personal checks. Tips are appreciated but not expected.

Cancellation Policy

 If you need to cancel your trip for any reason please give me advanced notice. Trips that are canceled within a week of the date booked will forfeit the deposit. If the cancellation is within three days of the date booked, full payment is expected. Please understand that it is often impossible to book another client in such a short time. Of course extenuating circumstances will be taken into account. 


Please ask any questions you have about almost anything! I want you to have a great time and having better knowledge of what you will experience ahead of time will help with that.

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